Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bandana Hairstyles

When it comes to rockabilly a good hair style can make you look rockabilly 24/7. The first and easiest rockabilly hairstyle is the classic bandana look. This look is easy to master and great for days when you need to get out the door quick but still want to flaunt your rockabilly pride!

These are all awesome rockabilly chicks who have the bandana hairstyles, now the easiest way to learn this is to get a bandana and follow these steps! 

First hair style I will teach you is the simple twist and tie, your hair will still be down but slightly pushed back!

1. Take your bandana and and fold it diagonally, that should make it a triangle
2. Fold it so the point it touching the straight line
3. Twist your bandana, then put the thick part in the back bring the tips to top and tie it! 

 Second style is where your hair is all put up and held up by the bandana!

1. Pin your hair up, you can use clips, bobby pins, whatever keeps it up!
2. Take your bandana and fold it over diagonally, so it makes a triangle!
3. Fold it so the straight line of your bandana is on top of the triangle tip!
4. I like to fold it over once more, but most tutorials only say to do it once!
5. Put the thick part behind your head, take the ends pull them to the top of your head and tie the ends!

If you want to see it click the link and you can see step by step pics from a fellow rockabilly chick!
Step by Step Pictures  

       This is an awesome video by TJDGTOUR 
      and this shows you how to do both hairstyles!                                

Keep Rockin' and Rollin',

- Miss Youngblood

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